Adage® is an “ultra-short” progressive lens design for smaller aesthetic frames,
specially engineered to offer the best, balanced combination of far, intermediate,
and near fields of view.

Adage, currently available in clear and NuPolar® polycarbonate, offers one of the largest combined functional areas
of any short progressive. This lens also has one of
the largest usable near regions, which wearers will appreciate while reading. The near zone is wider than in other short designs. This, in addition to the ultra-wide distance region makes this progressive a significant advancement in the field of short progressive lenses.
A minimum Fitting Height of 13 mm will allow new progressive wearers to keep using their favorite frames without losing optical performance. 90% of addition is reached at only 11mm under the pupil, making it easy to find the near area and also minimizing the necessary eye movement to reach the reading area.
Users that have experience wearing progressive lenses will appreciate the benefit of these lenses’ big functional zones with excellent and stable optical properties. These special features allow wearers to be able to maintain a more natural eye position for every viewing distance.


How Do Adage Lenses Measure Up?
In an objective study based on Sheedy’s measurement system*, the Adage progressive lens was compared to other popular and leading short progressive designs in terms of width of the far and near zones.
The chart at right shows where the Adage lens falls in terms of far zone width and near zone width. Wider distance zones are indicated by positions farther to the right. Wider near zones are indicated by positions higher up. Considering all of the qualities measured, the Adage occupies the ideal position, showing a balanced distance zone and the absolute widest near zone.
Examining the competitors, we can see that the D lens is a design that provides wearers with a very good far vision area but less area for near vision. With C, the opposite is true, with very good near area but more restricted far vision. The Adage lens has been designed to provide the wearer with an excellent and balanced combination of far, near, and intermediate zones.
The bar graph at right shows the total zone widths of the Adage lens compared to the total zone widths of the most popular and leading short-corridor progressive lenses.
Adage has the largest combined zone widths. This amounts to bigger usable fields and sharper vision, due to balanced power distribution. This helps wearers get a clear view, wherever they are looking.

ADAGE® Availability

NEW RELEASE: Adage is now available in Trilogy® clear.

Adage is also available in polycarbonate clear, Transitions gray and brown, and NuPolar® gray and brown.

Complete Availability and Technical Specifications

A printable Adage Centration Chart is available for download here: Adage Centration Chart PDF