Can I use Drivewear at night?
  It is not recommended to use Drivewear lenses at night.  Drivewear lenses are optimized for sunlight response, and since Drivewear is polarized, it can be too dark to wear after dusk.  Many Vision & Highway Safety experts believe that NO tint should ever be used at night.  


How dark do Drivewear lenses get?
  In very bright light / outside conditions, Drivewear lenses remove glare and provide maximum filtration of excess light for optimum visual comfort and acuity.  


Are Drivewear lenses polarized, or are they Transitions® lenses?
  Drivewear lenses combine both our signature NuPolar® Polarized technology with Transitions® Photochromic Technology to create the most innovative lens available today.  


Can I AR coat Drivewear?
  Yes, Drivewear is compatible with most AR coatings.  Please check with your coating supplier for further details.  


Can I mirror coat Drivewear?
  It is not recommended to mirror coat DriveWear as this will reduce the activity of the photochromic dyes.  


What are the minimum CT / ET for Drivewear lenses?
  In hard resin we recommend a minimum thickness of 2.2mm and in polycarbonate we recommend a minimum thickness of 1.7mm.  


Do Drivewear lenses protect against UV?
  Yes, they block 100% UV A & B.  


Can I get Drivewear in finished single vision?
  Yes.  Plano Drivewear lenses are available only in finished single vision.  This is because Drivewear is a polarized lens and therefore must be on the 180° axis line at all times.  It is available in multiple base curves in semi-finished single vision to match the Rx needs of the patient.