Several independent studies have ranked the Image progressive lens among the best in the industry. This is in part because Image's award-winning design has one of the widest distortion-free distance zones in the industry, without compromising on the intermediate and near zones. And the Image progressive lens is available in more lens materials and treatments than any other single progressive. With so many options, Image can be put into nearly any frame, from small frames with a narrow fitting height to drilled rimless to sporty wrap frames. 

No matter what the wearer's lifestyle or personal style, Image offers the right visual solution.
"With all the hype and excitement surrounding the optical industry's new technologies, new trends, new designs, and new products, it's easy to overlook those tried and true products that have been available for awhile and have proven their worth. One such product is the Image Progressive lens from Younger Optics... With all of today's new product hype, Younger's Image PAL (progressive addition lens) still stands out as one of the optical industry's tried and true progressive lenses."
Dee Carew, LDO, ABOM, NCLEC, Vision Care Product News, October 2006 

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Image® Progressive Lens Overview 
Product Philosophy
Old-fashioned bifocals and trifocals have been a common remedy for close vision problems. But their annoying segmentation and unsightly lines present unnatural optical limitations and ruin the look of stylish eyewear. Now there's a beautiful solution – IMAGE® progressive lenses give the ease, benefits and look of continuous visibility, eliminating the need for bifocals and trifocals with their unattractive, often cumbersome segments.

Product Details
IMAGE® provides stabilized viewing zones in all prescriptions, ensuring the reading area is not compromised as the add power increases.  IMAGE boasts one of the widest distortion free distance zones in the industry, which is an essential attribute for a quality design.  Whether your frame of choice is small, rimless, or a sporty wrap style, IMAGE offers an ideal combination of optics, materials and treatments to fit.

IMAGE® is available in more materials and treatment combinations than any other progressive lens. Whether you enjoy an active lifestyle and are concerned about safety, spend a lot of time outdoors and need a quality polarized or photochromic sunlens, or spend a lot of time behind the wheel and want a great driving lens - whatever your need, IMAGE lens has an option that fits your prescription and lifestyle activities. See Image availability.

Several independent studies have ranked IMAGE progressive lenses among the best in the industry.  Reprints of these studies are included in the Art & Science of IMAGE, a high quality brochure for the eyecare professional that explains in detail the unique qualities of the IMAGE lens. Younger also provides patient brochures and reading cards for the dispensing office, as well as technical and processing material for labs.