What is the minimum fitting height of Image®?
  The minimum recommended fitting height is 18mm. If a shorter fitting height is needed, please try the Adage® short corridor progressive.  


Is the Image® available in a short design?
  Younger Optics offers Adage®, an ultra-short corridor progressive lens with an ultra-wide distance zone and a minimum fitting height of 13mm.  


Are there any special measurements needed to fit Image®?
  No, just a normal PD measurement and fitting height.  


With so many new progressives on the market... why is the Image® design so able to still serve patient's visual needs?
  Several independent studies have ranked the award-winning Image® progressive lens among the best in the industry, even when compared to more recent designs. With one of the widest distortion-free distance zones in the industry, and generous intermediate and near zones, Image® remains an industry leader in overall adaption rates of progressive lens wearers. By maintaining the original Image® design, Younger has been able to offer the Image® in more lens materials, styles and treatment than any other progressive. And Image® has recently been introduced in a new decentered design, Image Wrap™, to meet the steep curves of many popular wrap frame styles.  


In what materials, treatments and styles are Image® lenses available?

Image® lenses are currently availabe in:
Hard resin - Clear, Transitions® gray & brown, NuPolar® gray & brown; Drivewear®;
Polycarbonate - Clear, Transitions® gray & brown, NuPolar® Gray & Brown; Drivewear®;
Polycarbonate decentered NuPolar® Gray (Image Wrap™);
1.67 (MR-10) - Clear and Transitions® gray;
Trilogy® - C
lear and Transitions® gray