Over five years in development and covered by multiple
patents, Younger Optics presents the ultimate in sunwear
optics and protection: Visual Armor®
  • Exceptional Impact Strength
  • Uncompromised Optics - 45 Abbe
  • Unmatched Chemical Resistance
  • Light Weight - 1.10 Specific Gravity
  • Nupolar Quality - World #1 Market Leader
  • Blocks 100% of UVA & UVB

Trilogy® was based on research originally developed for the military as “visual armor.” That research fueled efforts to bring together impact protection, great optics, light weight and chemical resistance all in one innovative Rx lens: Trilogy®.

Now, combine those advanced lens characteristics with NuPolar®, the world’s leading Rx polarized technology, to give the eyewear market an incomparable sunwear combination: NuPolar Trilogy lenses.

While you might not use these lenses under the same intense conditions as the military, why give your eyes anything less than the material protection and benefits of Trilogy lenses plus the sunwear protection of NuPolar?

See impact
resistance test

See chemical resistance test

Note: These videos show clear Trilogy lenses.
The performance characteristics of NuPolar Trilogy lenses are comparable.