What is abbe?
  Abbe is a standardized measurement of the quality of optics of a lens material.  The higher the number, the better the lens material for optical quality.  The human eye has an Abbe value of about 45.  Polycarbonate has an Abbe value of about 30-31, and 1.67 materials are typically reported with an Abbe value of about 32. Trilogy lenses have an Abbe value of 45.  


When are you going to offer a clear polarized lens?
  It is not possible to make a clear polarized lens.  The Iodine crystals in the polarized film are aligned in parallel rows like a venetian blind to block light in one direction.  This is why you cannot have a clear polarizer; if the crystals were clear, they could not do their job blocking light in a specific direction.