Specialty lenses provided the foundation that Younger Optics was built upon.  Over 50 years ago our founder, Irving Rips, looked at traditional lined bifocals that were available to the consumer and decided that he could do better.  This led him to develop Younger's “seamless bifocal”; the first successful invisible bifocal and precursor for all progressive lenses.  Since then Younger Optics has gone on to release other such specialty items as hi-add bifocal lenses, reverse slab-
off bifocals, and double D segment bifocal lenses.  These innovations are designed to make it easier for the Eye Care Professional and the Rx laboratory to give the patient exactly what they need to see better!  The ability to offer this type of technology to ECP’s, Rx laboratories as well as patients is what has helped make Younger Optics “The Optical Lens Innovators”.

Specialty Products
Philosophy of Specialty Lenses
Not every patient is the same.  Some have more demanding visual needs than others, while some have requirements not met with today’s traditional lenses. When it comes to specialty lenses, our mission is to offer both the Eye Care Professional and the Rx laboratory the ability to give each patient what they need to see clearer and better than they did with their previous eyewear. Not only do we give the ECP more options to choose from, we also strive to make it easier for the Prescription  laboratory to fill that prescription.  We have turned a complex Rx such as a “slab-off”, which once demanded several hours of processing by a highly skilled technician, into a routine job that any Rx lab can process as routinely as most other Rx jobs.
Specialty Lenses in Detail
The ability to take a complex Rx and offer a simple-to-process solution is the driving force behind our innovation.  Before the innovative solutions developed by Younger Optics, patients and ECP’s were often forced to compromise.  Today that is no longer the case.  By offering hi-add bifocal lenses, we are no longer limiting the vision of patients to a fixed range.  And with our unique “reverse slab-off” design bifocal lenses, patients are able to wear one pair of glasses more comfortably than ever before.  "Double D" segment bifocal lenses gives new options to patients and ECP’s looking to deliver superior visual acuity in more than just the traditional way.

Our specialty lens offering includes double D segment bifocal lenses in +4, +6 and +8 base curves with add combinations of either 60% or 100%.  We offer hi-add bifocal lenses with an add of up to +8.00.  We also offer trifocal lenses with adds up to +4.00.  Reverse slab-off lenses are available with prism up to 6.00 diopters.   We continue to offer our Seamless 28 lens as well as FT 28’s and FT 35’s and our FT 45 “Multiseg 45”.  Round segment 22 & 40 lenses are also available with adds up to +4.00. 
Specialty Lens Marketing
Younger Optics is knowledgeable and able to offer you a full spectrum of marketing support.  Our staff is able to work with any size office to enhance and promote the use of our specialty products.  Please contact your Younger Optics Sales Representative or our Customer Service office for more information on how we can help grow the specialty lens portion of your business.

Specialty Lens Processing
The Younger Seamless Lens was the first commercially available lens of this kind.