Clear Vision, Safety & Lightweight

Today’s consumer has more choices than ever before when it comes to their eyewear. New technology offers patients features and benefits that have made eyeglasses more fashionable and stylish.  In the past, patients have had to make some compromises when it came to their eyewear.  They had to put up with “chromatic aberration”, an annoying tendency of some lenses that created a colored blur around objects, or lenses that were thin but not as light weight as they’d expect. 

Today, this is no longer the case.  With our Trilogy lens material, patients get clear, crisp vision without compromise.  Trilogy lenses deliver superior optics when compared with other lens materials.  They also get a thin lens that is one of the most lightweight lens materials available today. 

Trilogy lens material also offers superior impact resistance.  It exceeds the FDA requirement for impact resistance.  Due to the superior strength of Trilogy, it makes a great choice for today’s stylish eyewear frames, many of which require drilling or grooving the lens. Trilogy lens material from Younger Optics also blocks out 100% of harmful UV rays.
As you can see, the choice is clear.  If you want clear, crisp vision without compromising today’s advanced lens technology and you want a lens material that is not only thin but lightweight, then you want Trilogy.  No matter what your vision needs are, whether work or play, sport or hobby, Trilogy lens material is the right choice.  Only Trilogy offers a unique balance of superior optics, the true combination of a thin and lightweight lens as well as an impact resistant material that exceeds the FDA requirements.  All of these benefits are available in one material -- Trilogy.

  Over five years in development and covered by multiple patents, Younger Optics presents the ultimate in sunwear optics and protection:
Visual Armor®

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Trilogy Overview
Product Philosophy
Trilogy lenses, made from the revolutionary PPG material Trivex, uniquely offers you better optics.  Your vision will be sharp and clear without the blur you can experience with other high impact, thin and light lenses due to chromatic abberation.  The mission of Trilogy is to offer patients all the benefits of today’s advanced lens technology without compromising visual acuity or cosmetic appearance.  Trilogy is designed to allow you to see more clearly and take advantage of a thin, cosmetically appealing lens made from one of the lightest weight, impact resistant lens materials available.

The ability to offer superior visual acuity in a lens material that is impact resistant, thin and lightweight has been a challenge.  Generally, there has had to be a compromise of at least one of these benefits.  Not true with Trilogy lens material.  Trilogy is able to offer better optics than other “high index” or polycarbonate materials with an abbe value of 45, as well as a lens that is one of the lightest weight materials available.  It is also a thin lens, comparable in Rx thickness to that of 1.67 and polycarbonate.  Combining superior optics, one of the lightest weight materials available and a thin lens design is what truly makes Trilogy one of the most innovative lens materials available today.
Trilogy lenses are available in a variety of styles and treatments, including clear and Transitions, spherical and aspheric semi-finished single vision, finished single vision (both clear and with AR coating), flat top 28 bifocals, and the Image progressive.

Trilogy lenses have a great potential for growth in the optical industry, and Younger Optics is committed to helping develop that growth.  A newly redesigned patient brochure is just one of the marketing materials available to Eye Care Professionals.  Please contact your Younger Optics sales representative or our customer service staff for more information on how we can help you grow your practice with Trilogy lenses.


The Balance of Trilogy
Want the best features all in one lens?  Nothing is as important to your quality of life as your vision.  If you want to enhance your vision and your comfort and safety, Trilogy is the choice for you.  See for yourself how the balance of Trilogy compares to other "thin and light" lens materials:
Trilogy lenses are made from Trivex. 

Processing & Edging Trilogy Lenses


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Stripping Hardcoat from Clear Trilogy Lenses

Trivex-based Trilogy Lenses
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Processing Trivex
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Trilogy Processing Guide
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Removing Hardcoat
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