Is Trilogy impact resistant?


  • Trilogy is formulated to pass the extreme impact testing normally reserved for polycarbonate.
  • Trilogy is very tough, but it is not unbreakable.  Specific combinations of scratch resistant and anti-reflective coatings can reduce impact performance.  
  • In applications that require maximum impact safety (such as industrial safety and sports), we do not recommend the application of AR coatings.
  • For dress eyewear, Trilogy has enough reserve impact strength to pass FDA requirements at 1mm thickness, even when most secondary coatings have been added.
  • These statements do not substitute for proper impact testing of the final product/process.  


Do I need a special edger to edge Trilogy?
  No.  Many of today’s edgers have settings or macro’s built in to accommodate Trilogy.  If your edger does not, the easiest way is to use a polycarbonate setting.  If you use a “dry edger” or an edger that cuts with a blade, there is nothing out of the ordinary for you to worry about. Just be sure you are using a sharp clean blade.  If you use a “wet edger” or one that cuts with a wheel again, use a poly-type cycle and run a small amount of water on the finish cycle.  When done edging Trilogy, be sure to clean or dress the wheels to avoid any residual material being left on the wheels.  


Can I use alcohol or acetone with Trilogy?
  Yes.  Due to advanced processing, Trilogy material is resistant to these common chemicals.  


Can I go to a 1.0mm CT with Trilogy?


Do Trilogy lenses protect against UV?
  Yes, Trilogy lenses block 100% UVA and UVB.  


What is the abbe value of Trilogy?


Can I AR coat Trilogy?


Can I tint Trilogy?