Camber availability


IOT & Younger Optics Partnership

In 2010, a partial merger became official, but each company views itself as the other’s equal partner, not as part of a parent-subsidiary relationship. This is a very important philosophical distinction that I hold very strongly. IOT is run as a completely separate company under the leadership of Daniel Crespo and an outstanding management team both in the U.S. and Spain.

- David Rips

Camber is a line of elite digital lenses co-produced by Younger & IOT. Younger manufactures the Camber semi-finished lens blank, which has a unique front surface that gives this lens an optical advantage in the marketplace of digital PAL lenses. IOT engineers all of the back-surface designs, including the award-winning Camber Steady™. To learn more, visit the Camber Lens website link above or IOT’s website.