Clarity & safety with less weight

Lenses made from Younger Optics’ Trilogy® material offer distinct advantages. Many professionals prefer Trilogy as an optically superior alternative when seeking a thin, light lens with excellent impact resistance and chemical resistance.

Product Details

The ability to offer superior visual acuity in a lens material that is impact resistant, thin and lightweight has been a challenge. Generally, there has had to be a compromise of at least one of these benefits. Not true with Trilogy® lens material. With an Abbe value of 45, Trilogy is able to offer better optics than other impact resistant materials. With a specific gravity of 1.11, it is one of the lightest lens materials available. It is also very thin for a vast majority of prescriptions, comparable in Rx thickness to that of 1.67 and polycarbonate. Its the optimal balance of these three benefits that truly makes Trilogy one of the most innovative lens materials available today.


TrilogyPolycarbonateHigh Index
Clear, Crisp Vision

Abbe Value: 45

Chromatic aberration can cause objects to appear blurred, with rainbow edges. Many eyeglass wearers find this burdensome.

The patient is more likely to notice this visual impediment as his or her eye points farther from the center of the lens— for example, in situations where a patient is checking a side-view mirror, looking down at a menu, or looking for a book high on a shelf. In any situation where the eye is pointed away from center, the chromatic aberration can impede vision.

A lens material with a higher Abbe value, such as Trilogy®, will provide a much clearer and sharper image. This is great news for your patients that want and need a thin and light lens with superior optics.

Trilogy availability

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