Younger Optics

The largest independent ophthalmic lens manufacturer in the world.

Younger Optics is a privately held company with a tradition dating back to 1955. And that independence allows us to prioritize the long-term needs of our customers. We pride ourselves on being “The Easiest Company To Do Business With.” At Younger, we never forget we are only here to serve our customers.

For Rx Labs

For optical laboratories & wholesalers

Here quickly and easily find all the important and detailed information you need for processing and marketing our lenses. At Younger, we only manufacture lenses for our customers to process. We do not operate our own laboratories, so that we never compete with our Rx laboratory or retail customers.

For ECP’s

For Rx spectacle dispensers and retailers

A simple overview of our products and services for everyone in the optical industry. In addition, free POS materials explaining our products and technologies to your customers.


David Rips posts

“As always, my goal is to make Younger Optics the Easiest Company to do Business With”.

I invite all optical professionals to follow me on LinkedIn and Facebook. Social Media allows me to connect with all kinds of professionals throughout the optical industry. I cannot emphasize enough how impressed I am with the quality of people in our industry at all levels. I see the people in our industry as extremely well-qualified, in that many have technical or scientific backgrounds and tend to stay in our industry once they enter it. I always welcome your comments.

David Rips, President & CEO, Younger Optics